Tailor-made support

Forum Ethibel’s activities consist of three main pillars: ‘Trendsetter’, ‘Tailor-made support’ and ‘Social embedding’. In our second pillar, we offer tailor-made support to both institutional investors and financial institutions.

On the one hand, we carry out independent monitoring of financial products that are developed and brought on the market by financial players. On the other hand, we guide and support institutional investors in drafting and implementing a sustainable investment policy. This process starts with the values and choices of the client, who determines their own quality requirements or criteria.

Audit and certification

Forum Ethibel is recognised as an expert in the area of audits and certification of both financial and non-financial products and services.

Both companies/organisations themselves and institutions that wish to invest in certain companies or enter into a partnership, can contact Forum Ethibel with questions about sustainability and audits. 

Forum Ethibel also awards certificates to demonstrate that a product or service is in line with self-imposed criteria. This certificate guarantees that conditions relating to corporate social responsibility (CSR) are complied with. Although this certificate is based on the customers’ own criteria, specific minimum requirements regarding human rights and labour law, environmental violations and armament, and the principles of the UN Global Compact must still be met. 

When Forum Ethibel certifies a product or service, regular screenings are required. Certificates are only issued for the duration of an agreed period (one year, one semester, one quarter). Afterwards, a new audit is carried out to check whether the client still meets the self-imposed criteria. 

Certificates may be granted to different type of ‘products’, ranging from investment funds to insurance products to solidarity investments and impact investments. For more in-depth information and to view the certificates, go to Labels and certificates.

Your sustainable portfolio

As mentioned above, we guide and support institutional investors in defining and implementing a sustainable investment policy. 

Together with the client, we try to translate the organisation’s vision, standards, and values into a sustainable investment policy. We ask the company about what it considers essential elements so that we can bring its investment policy and portfolio in line with these elements. This can be done for organisations that wish to develop new investment policies as well as for the revision of existing policies. 

We take the following steps in dialogue with the client to achieve a sustainable investment policy. We start this process by defining a sustainable investment policy. Once this has been formulated, we analyse the current situation. Sustainability choices are concretely and measurably defined in a sustainability policy, and an existing portfolio is transformed into an investment portfolio in line with this policy. Once the investment policy has been implemented, we conduct periodic checks on transactions and financial positions to ensure adequate compliance with the self-imposed policy. Any deviations will be identified so that corrections can be made in stages.

This ‘tailor-made approach’ is different for each institutional investor, but always results in a step closer to sustainability.

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