Vision & mission


Our objective is to facilitate and accelerate the transition to a sustainable society. To achieve this, we want to create an impact by actively promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI).


Our mission is to strengthen transparency, social responsibility and sustainability in the financial market.  

For 30 years now, Forum Ethibel has been an independent player offering support, verification and certification services. Our core business is based on financial products on the one hand, and on organisations with a social purpose that meet specific sustainability requirements on the other. Forum Ethibel is a non-profit organisation that offers concrete solutions for sustainable investment and makes its expertise available to the public in the form of advice and research.

Over the years, we have expanded our product offering, which now consists of three pillars. Forum Ethibel’s initial focus – the development and implementation of our own sustainability policy - has since been complemented with two new fields of work, namely tailor-made support and societal embedding.

The section ‘what we do’, zooms in on each part. 

Cooperation with investors, savers, financial institutions, companies, governments and NGO’s , is the common thread in our operations. Although Forum Ethibel is a Belgian organisation, the network with which we enter into dialogue transcends our national borders. 

We try to achieve maximal social impact and contribute to a more sustainable society through dialogue with various stakeholders. 

In our operations, we attach importance to four core values:

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