June 18th: Webinar on Engagement

What is engagement and how can it contribute to sustainable finance? Do you wish to learn more on what dialogue between investors and companies can achieve? Then sign up now for the first Forum Ethibel Webinar, organised in collaboration with The Shift !

It is no longer a surprise that sustainability keeps on gaining importance within our society. Not only individuals and governments respond to this, also financial players tend to value this more and more. Investors can either invest in companies that are performing well on environment, social issues and good governance (ESG), or divest from ones that are not. However, they can also opt to enter into dialogue with companies and actively promote steps towards corporate sustainability. This strategy of engagement is based on dialogue between investor and companies in which expectations of and possibilities for sustainable management are discussed. Benefits of dialogues like these are twofold. Managers gain insight in how to respond to investors, whereas investors can construct a more interesting (read: sustainable) portfolio and provide (possible) customers with accurate and recent information on measures taken towards sustainability. 

On Thursday 18th of June we present a panel of investors and companies to elaborate on how dialogue can promote sustainable entrepreneurship. The debate will be held by:

  • Dr. Willem Scharamade (independent sustainable finance consultant - Sustainable Finance Factory & Eramus Platform for Sustainable Value Creation)
  • Jorrit Arissen (Co-Head Real Assets - Kempen Asset Management) 
  • Hanna De Groote (Head of Corporate Social Responsiblity - Cofinimmo). 

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